Around the World, with 2 bikes a-n-d 2 dogs…!

dogs around the world on a motorbike

This couple has just reached Cape Town, after completing all of South America and North America (well, as far as Canada, not Alaska), and they reached CT after coming down the WEST coast of Africa, then leaving on Saturday up the Garden Route, then on to Durban, the Kruger park, then out and up the EAST of Africa, exiting possibly at Cairo (if finances allow - Cairo expensive for getting 2 x bikes in...), and on to Europe.

(2 x BMW 650 singles, with up to 140,000km on the clocks...)

Originally from Oz, they travel the world with 2 dogs, in their own unique 'dog-house', which they have now commercialized after 2 years of testing, etc.
They have taken 1 spill at 70km an hour, dogs were fine, strong internal aluminium structure too the beating, so all ended well.

You can follow their journey on their Facebook page:
and here:

Lovely having met you both - a real inspiration, hope you get that 24-hour tent zip repair that Cristy Sports promised you, and let me know if I can help you further - within or outside of South Africa.

Ride safe, love those doggies!
Chris and the Team

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