Review: Camel Tank CT-V2

I admit it, I’m that guy—the one that likes to stop at gas stations just in case, even though the group just topped off fifty miles ago… you just never know. Well, those days are over!

Enter the Camel Tank v.2. This auxiliary fuel tank for the BMW F650/700/800GS that gives an additional seven liters (about 1.75 gallons) of fuel. And on a motorcycle that’s marketed for “adventure,” this is a much needed bolster to the paltry four-gallon stock tank. The even better news is the latest version fits even more pannier systems, including Hepco-Becker, Holan, SW-Motech, Wolfman and Mastech (test subject).

Installation will take about two hours if you take your time. Much of that will be removal of most of the tail section of the motorcycle. However, installation was a breeze. The directions are very thorough and deliver clear, concise procedures to mount the system. The guys at Camel Tank also provide an excellent, step-by-step installation video on their website, along with additional photo and text resources should the need arise. I would highly recommend watching the video before beginning your install.

My steed (BMW F800GS) employs the Mastech pannier system and we’re happy to report that the fitment went without issue. There is one tight clearance (pictured) at the cross brace, but with well over 1,000 miles on the Camel Tank, encompassing various terrain (road, fire trails, rock-infested double track, gravel roads, etc.), no issues of the brace contacting the tank have been noted.

It’s an A+ mod in our book. Even with the added fuel capacity, minimal handling woes were noticed, mainly due to the low placement of the tank. With the addition of the Camel Tank, the useable range for the BMW F800GS has soared to just over 300 miles, a notable improvement of the stocker. The Camel Tank is not cheap, but if you must have that extended fuel range for peace of mind when stretching the boundaries of civilization, it’s well worth it.

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  • Extended range
  • Build Quality
  • Stealth presence


  • Price
  • Vulnerable without panniers


This article originally appeared on ADVMoto. Written by Joshua Farnsworth.

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