Lowered Foot-pegs Review

Feedback on the Lowered Pegs

KTM 690 Lowered Pegs Feedback

Overall an Excellent Product. Very easy to fit and has definitely sorted my standing position on my 690.  Very happy with them.  Hi-res copies of the installed pegs attached.  Please feel free to use them if you wish.

Size comparison below to the stock pegs.  Significantly larger area, going to make standing a lot more comfortable.  Foot position moves slightly wider.  Quick measurement shows around 15mm per side, so approximately 30mm wider stance on both pegs.

Before and after height measurements.

Lowered PegsAt least a 25mm difference in height at the end of the peg. Definitely a more comfortable seated riding position.

Found the mounts on the new pegs to be about 1.5mm narrower than stock.

Assume this may be a manufacturing tolerance i.e. rather slightly smaller than too big. I opted for a washer just to take up any free play but don’t really think this is a problem otherwise. Stock on left at 30.5mm, lowered peg on right at 29mm.

Resultant gap seen on the left, right photo has the washer in place.

The result. Very happy. Overall a great product.

Lowered PegsLowered Pegs

Review done by Hugh, owner of Toys2Go.

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