Forma Adventure Boot Review

Almost a year ago I was in the market for new motorcycle boots. I was on a budget, but had five main criteria: The boots needed to be comfortable, waterproof, safe, fashionable, and reliable. I was headed on a 12,000-mile trip and since, other than my flip-flops, my boots would be the only footwear I would carry, they had to be multi-taskers.

In my search, I came across the Forma Adventure Boots. Their description seemed to fit my criteria, so I ordered a set online. Upon arrival, they had the unmistakable smell and feel of quality leather, almost as if they were too nice to play with in the mud. The buckles were strong and sturdy, and not prone to opening on their own. The shin guards and ankle support were likewise strong, but still comfortable enough to easily walk in. And they’re fashionable—along with a pair of jeans they’ll pass for regular boots.

Still not sure if I’d picked the right boots, I set off on a journey across North America. Through multiple rain storms my feet stayed perfectly dry. And even as I rode into the snow capped mountains, where temperatures dropped to 20°F, my feet didn’t seem to notice the fluctuation. I tend to get cold feet easily and was prepared to use heated inserts, but they weren’t necessary.

Forma Adventure Boots breathe nicely. Even with Drytex linings my feet never felt as if they were getting too hot. After 4,000 miles I’d already hiked six miles, and worn them every day as if they were tennis shoes. At night my feet never felt sore.

Heading into Death Valley, at temperatures around 108°F, the boots were holding up and remained strong and comfortable. Then in the Grand Canyon I spent an entire day hiking and not once did they feel too big or heavy. They have a tread pattern that grips very well, too. By this time I’d spend 12 days straight in these boots, wearing them every day from sunup to sundown.

From the Atlantic to the Pacific and back, my experience with the Forma Adventures was nothing short of amazing. They performed flawlessly. I’ve dragged them through rain, dirt, more rain and more dirt, snow and the hot desert—and remarkably they’ve never once given me any trouble or discomfort.

After almost a year and countless other trips they still function and perform like new. I’ve found myself wearing them all year long. The other day, when it snowed, I even wore them to shovel the driveway. I’d recommend these boots to anyone looking for a reliable, functional boot.


  • Extremely waterproof
  • Very comfortable to hiking or walking
  • Strong adjustable buckles


  • No narrow sizes available
  • Velcro on top of boot can catch on pants


This article originally appeared on ADVMoto. Written by Stephen Townsend.

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