SLIME Compressor (out of stock)




The kit is so small and portable, it stores easily under a seat, in a saddle bag, or in any small area. The kit includes everything required to perform an emergency repair - an air hose with quick-clip, optional power cord configurations to ensure connection to any 12-volt DC source – motorcycle, ATV or other vehicle - all in a small, shock-proof and water-proof zippered pouch.

  • Fully inflates tires fast from any 12-volt power source
  • Maintain tire pressure; save tread, increase mileage
  • Modular kit stores easily; water/shock- resistant case
  • Rugged Carrying Case – 6”X6” 15X15cm
  • Pump Rating: .388 CFM

Kit Includes:

  • High-Power 12 Volt 300 PSI Air Compressor
  • Main Harness Wire with Fuse – 8’/240cm
  • Alligator Clip Cord for Any Battery – 18”/45cm
  • Power Cord with 12-Volt Accessory Outlet Adapter – 18”/45cm
  • Pre-Wire Cord Direct to Battery – 18”/45cm
  • Air Hose with Quick-Clip - 18”/45cm
  • Tire Pressure Pencil Gauge
  • Rugged Carrying Case – 6”X6” 15X15cm
  • Complete Instructions

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