Rep & Air Tubeless Repair Kit – Rema Tip Top


Compact sized tubeless repair kit that can be squeezed under the seat of most motorcycles. This kit contains everything you need to repair a tubeless tyre and get you one your way again.  It provides a system to seal tyre injuries without taking the tyre off the rim. It is quick and easy to use and comes highly recommended, an essential piece of kit especially when touring.





































































































  • Includes everything needed to repair and inflate a tyre.
  • Fits under any seat.
  • Supplied as standard equipment with all BMW’s.

Kit Contains:



Kit Contains:

3 x 16 gram CO2 cartridges

1 x flexible cartridge to valve adaptor

3 x Super Sealastic repair plugs

1 x Special Cement, BL Tube

1 x Ream and Inserting Tool