Rade Garage KTM 690 auxiliary tank










You get extra 6.2  litre of fuel (1,6 gallons) for your adventures. This tank gives you almost 50% more fuel range while maintaining great handling of the bike.

One of the Great benefits of this auxiliary tank solution is keeping the same dimensions and weight of your KTM 690. Simply it is “hidden” in the tank and it does not add any extra dimensions to the bike

New small airbox that use the OEM intake and flange, which ensures a better fit to the engine. The foam filter from TwinAir is designed specifically for our kit to ensure great dust prevention. This filter is also easily accessible for maintenance



KTM 690 auxiliary tank kit installation

  • It takes about two hours
  • Remove the airbox
  • Insert all filters first
  • Insert the tank and its brackets
  • Connect the auxiliary tank with the OEM tank