Dry Bag – Giant Loop – Rogue (17 liters)


The 100% waterproof Rogue Dry Bag (17 liters) is designed to attach to Giant Loop’s MoJavi Saddlebag, Coyote Saddlebag, Great Basin Saddlebag and Siskiyou Panniers. But it can be secured on virtually any motorcycle make or model, making it indispensable equipment for a broad spectrum of on-road and off-road motorcycle riders.

Without unstrapping the Rogue Dry Bag from the bike, gear can be accessed from two ends. Two beefy reflective daisy chains provide plenty of secure attachment points.

The Rogue Dry Bag takes its name from Oregon’s wild and scenic Rogue River.

Add Pronghorn Straps chained together to lash the Rogue Dry Bag to a tail rack, hard luggage or Giant Loop saddlebags and panniers.

“The double-ended openings eliminate the need to empty the contents of the bag to get at the bottom. The built-in compression straps make for a more compact and stable load. Finally, the ‘daisy chain’ straps provide a series of direct tie-down points, unlike other bags, which for stability must be squashed tightly against the surface onto which they are mounted.”