Desert Fox Enduro 3 in 1 Black Decal


3:1 Versatility

Supplied standard out of the box as a Dual sport adventure helmet. All components required to convert to a Full Face Street or Enduro MX are also included.

Personal Customization

An additional peak (black/white) is included for personal customization. Also included is a storage helmet protection bag.

Safety System +

Cheek pads with easy emergency release in case of an accident.

Anti-fog and Anti-Scratch Visor

The MakrolonĀ® visor includes an interior Anti-fog active coating and exterior Anti-scratch coating.

Designed to reduce wind noise.

A removable chin guard reduces ambient noise and draughts from underneath the helmet. Ergonomic top vents have purposely been placed in line to the wind (and not at right angles) to create a cooling air flow that does not act as a noise inducing duct. The peak has a solid 4 point mount system to reduce turbulence and vibration.

Dynamic ventilation

Dynamic ventilation ports are provided at the chin, forehead and rear. The ergonomic, adjustable top vents have been designed to be used with gloves in mind. Additionally, an EPS channel structure promotes internal air circulation from front to rear.

Provision for inr fitmentternal speake

Each Desert Fox helmet shell has specially designed indents to accommodate the speakers of Bluetooth helmet headsets.

Integrated anti-theft buckle

Allows you to lock the helmet to your bike for peace of mind.

European ECE 22.05 standard

This helmet is safety tested and certified to the European ECE 22.05 standard, which is used internationally in over 50 countries including Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Belgium, United Kingdom, Japan and Australia. All Desert Fox helmets are also homologated and approved by the NRCS/SABS for use in South Africa.