BMW R1200GS Avant Front Fender Extender Machineartmoto


Model designation: R1200GS & ADV LC 2013 onward.


The AVANT_LC  front fender extension for all years of the liquid cooled R1200GS/ADV is designed for functional improvement and styling to complement the look of this significant new BMW.

The  GS/A_LC’s stock fender is both pointier and shorter than the previous models making the painted front engine surface and the exhaust headers vulnerable to premature chipping from road debris and coating with tar and mud. AVANT helps control this environmental assault, increasing longevity and reducing clean-up.

The patent pending design installs in three minutes with two self-locking screw clamps that grip the underside of the fender, as well as engaging the tip of the fender for a secure fit. AVANT_LC can be easily removed for transfer to another bike in the future without leaving disfiguring holes behind.

Injection molded in tough polypropylene, AVANT fits perfectly and its texture matches the stock BMW fender. It is shown in the photos with BMW’s optional Enduro Skid Plate fitted to the standard GS.


AVANT_LC fits the 2014+ GS/A with BMW’s standard skid plate, but does not fit GS/A comfortably with the optional BMW Enduro Skid Plate – BMW part #77148533747. To enable longer suspension travel on the ADV, front end caster angle was changed reducing clearance between the AVANT_LC and the Enduro plate.

Two aftermarket skid plates verified to fit with the AVANT on the GS/A are from Wunderlich and the Touratech Expedition plate.

Skid plates that DO NOT FIT with the AVANT_LC are those from Alt Rider, and Black DogSW Motech’s skid plate does fit the GS, but not the GSA.

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