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Continental TKC70 Mileage Maker Review

As the adventure market continues to grow, so does the search for the “one” tire that does it all. Continental first introduced the TKC80 almost 30 years ago, and it has remained a favorite of GS riders since then. However, there’s a downside with the TKC80s—as bikes have increased in displacement and torque, the life…
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Ram Mounts Review – GPS Phone and GoPro Mounts

As you might have surmised from the companies name, Ram Mounts make mounting solutions for just about everything that you could imagine. Some of their motorcycle-oriented mounts work for a variety of GPS units, phones, cameras and even cup holders. What makes Ram Mounts products standout is the variety of different bases that they offer for…
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Exhausts, let me, er, vent!

I own a motorcycle accessory store. I sell soft- and hard- luggage, and hard accessories for a living, and every customer of mine has a bike with an exhaust, no surprise there...! What IS surprising, is the shape/ size/placement of so many dual-sport exhausts! Think of it, BMW 1200GS/A; huge can hanging out wide... Yamaha…
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2015 BMW GS Trophy: ‘Make life a ride’

Cape Town - The South African provincial finals for the BMW Motorrad GS Trophy were held at the AKTV Drakensville resort in KwaZulu Natal from 10 to 13 September. In addition to the event being part of the build up to the highly anticipated 2016 BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy in Southeast Asia from February…
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