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Around the World, with 2 bikes a-n-d 2 dogs…!

dogs around the world on a motorbike This couple has just reached Cape Town, after completing all of South America and North America (well, as far as Canada, not Alaska), and they reached CT after coming down the WEST coast of Africa, then leaving on Saturday up the Garden Route, then on to Durban, the…
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Review: Camel Tank CT-V2

I admit it, I’m that guy—the one that likes to stop at gas stations just in case, even though the group just topped off fifty miles ago… you just never know. Well, those days are over! Enter the Camel Tank v.2. This auxiliary fuel tank for the BMW F650/700/800GS that gives an additional seven liters…
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Forma Adventure Boot Review

Almost a year ago I was in the market for new motorcycle boots. I was on a budget, but had five main criteria: The boots needed to be comfortable, waterproof, safe, fashionable, and reliable. I was headed on a 12,000-mile trip and since, other than my flip-flops, my boots would be the only footwear I…
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Continental TKC70 Mileage Maker Review

As the adventure market continues to grow, so does the search for the “one” tire that does it all. Continental first introduced the TKC80 almost 30 years ago, and it has remained a favorite of GS riders since then. However, there’s a downside with the TKC80s—as bikes have increased in displacement and torque, the life…
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